Example of Customization

Collision Warning Radar

One of customized SDR-KITs’ applications is collision warning system for mine vehicle safety. Our current SDR-KIT can function as a basic radar system to capture target’s distance and velocity information displayed on our graphic user interface system.

To satisfy customer’s application, current SDR-KIT must be redesigned. According to the application, the collision warning system requires a display on target’s range, velocity and azimuth angle information.

Current Basic SDR KITs cannot measure the azimuth angle of a detected target. To measure the azimuth angle, a two receiver channels SDR-KIT, such as Advanced SDR-KIT 2500AD2, is needed. Besides, the collision warning system is also an embedded system with a microprocessor/controller/display.

The SDR-KIT 2500AD2 has 250 MHz unlicensed ISM bandwidth, which provides range resolution up to 0.6 m.