Meet Ancortek at 2018 International Microwave Symposium

18 May 2018

On June 10-15, the IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2018) will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. 
Visit us at Booth #2316 where Ancortek SDR kits will be on display and available to demonstrate our innovative radar-based solutions for human tracking, SAR imaging, traffic monitoring and through-wall sensing. Our team will be on hand to discuss your latest design requirements with you.
Exhibition Dates/Hours:
June 12-14, 2018
Tuesday: 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Thursday: 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

NEW Advanced and Four-Channel SDR Kits

12 Apr 2018

We are proud to introduce a new generation of advanced and four-channel SDR Evaluation Kits, SDR-KIT 2400AD4.

Four receiving channel SDR Kits are for applications of angle of arrival (AoA), dual receive antenna (DRA) radar mode, clutter cancellation by displaced phase center antenna (DPCA), radar interferometry and gesture sensing.

Email us to learn more about it.

IEEE Radar Conference 2018 Invitation

11 Apr 2018

Connect with Ancortek at IEEE Radar Conference 2018. Visit Ancortek at booth #8. The conference is held from May 23rd to 27th, 2018 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We are looking forward to meeting you!
For more information on this event please visit the following link:

New Papers Published in 2017 IEEE Radar Conference!

27 Jun 2017

Want to see some of the results from the most prestigious scholars in the world using our SDR kit? Check these papers out!

IEEE Radar Conference 2017 Invitation

10 Apr 2017

Did we pique your interest at #CES 2017? Want to learn more about our upcoming products and innovations? Connect with Ancortek at IEEE Radar Conference 2017 to witness the future of smart home firsthand. Visit Ancortek in 201 booth. The conference is held May 8th-12nd, 2017 in Seattle, WA.

Our Dr. Victor C. Chen will also be holding a tutorial on “Introduction to Radar Micro-Doppler Sensor and Applications” at 6:00P.M. on May 8th.

Please come to visit us!

SAR Imaging webinar recording and powerpoint slides

07 Apr 2017
The SAR Imaging webinar has been a success. To watch the webinar recording, click here or go to our youtube channel. To download our PPT slides for this webinar, click here.

Article in Evaluation Engineering Magazine on Ancortek SDR 2400AD2 Evaluation Kits

03 Apr 2017

Click here to read the detailed content! Visit to learn more

Article in High Frequency Electronics Magazine on Ancortek SDR 2400AD2 Evaluation Kits

24 Mar 2017

Ancortek’s SDR Kit 2400AD2 was featured in High Frequency Electronics Magazine March Issue. Please check out the article on page 42 titled Software Defined Radar Designed for DOA measurements as well as product information on page 18 and 53.

Click here to read the detailed content! Visit to learn more

Webinar: SAR Imaging using Ancortek’s Software Defined Radars

24 Mar 2017

During this webinar, Ancortek will be showing off FMCW SAR imaging using our latest 2400AD2 SDR kit. We’ll show you how to process the FMCW range-Doppler returns from a collection to generate SAR imagery. We’ll be focusing on scenes involving stationary vehicles and individuals. This webinar will also include a live demonstration of indoor SAR imaging using a rail platform.

Series: Real World Software Defined Radar Applications

Topic: SAR Imaging
Time:  10:30-11:30 am
Date:  Thu, April 6th 2017

This webinar will include:

  1. An overview of Ancortek and our products
  2. SAR Imaging using Ancortek’s SDR Kits
    1. Collecting data
    2. Processing data in MATLAB
  3. Live, indoor SAR rail demonstration
  4. Q&A session

The webinar will be recorded. If you’re unable to attend, please register and we’ll send you a link for viewing the session later at your convenience.

Webinar series: Through-wall Sensing with Ancortek’s SDRs

09 Feb 2017

Getting excited! We invite you to join in attendance of our new webinar series, “Real-World Applications with Ancortek’s Software Defined Radars”. Our SDR kits can be used for numerous purposes across different industries and trades. We’re putting the spotlight on some of the great things our own engineers and customers have come up with using our products; this is a great chance for YOU to learn the latest in SDR!
The first webinar in our series will be centered on through-wall sensing, a topic that has recently drawn the most interest from our users. We’ll cover the basic theory, provide a live demonstration, and answer any questions drawn in from attendees. We hope you can make it!

Topic: Real-World Applications with Ancortek SDRs

Topic: Through-Wall Sensing
Time:  10:00 AM EST
Date:  Wed, Feb 22, 2017

In this webinar, you will learn:

An Overview of Ancortek’s SDR-Kits
The Theory and Operation of Through-Wall Sensing
A Live Demonstration
Q&A Session for Attendees