Our Second Webinar is Coming!

Our Second Webinar is Coming!

19 Dec 2016

WebinarA number of people have requested that we hold this webinar again.  Therefore, we will be holding this webinar again on the same topic on
Date: Thursday, January 13th
Time: 10 am EST.
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Agenda of this webinar
• Introduce Ancortek’s suite of SDR evaluation kits
• Present the merits of software-defined radar systems
• Provide an overview of the most consumer-driven applications of SDR
• See a demonstration of the capabilities of our SDR kits
• Q&A session
Software-defined systems utilize software protocols to substitute hardware components. Graphical User Interface (GUI) gives users access to select various options on operation modes, signal waveforms, operating parameters, and data recording for exporting.

Ancortek’s software-defined systems provide a reusable platform enabling customers to easily build software-defined transmitter & receiver systems without core programming skills. Our systems are short-range, light weight and low-power in S/C/X/K bands operating at 2.4/5.8/9.8/24 GHz.

Click here to register our webinar on:
10 am EST. Thursday, January 13th

Who should attend:
1.              Researchers
2.              Application Developers
3.              Product Managers
4.              Electrical Engineers

If you want to know more about us:
visit: www.ancortek.com