Example of Application

Radar Level Gauge

Radar level gauge is an effective tool for non-contacting measurement of the level of liquid or solid in a large-scale tank. To test radar level gauge for measuring the exact distance from radar to surface level in a tank, we use SDR-KIT 980B and 2500B with FMCW signal waveform for short-distance measurement.  The beat frequency, i.e., the frequency difference between the transmitted and the received FMCW signals, is directly proportional to the distance to be measured. By accurately measuring the beat frequency using digital signal processing, the distance can be measured precisely and accurately.

level gauge 1

The experimental system diagram using SDR-RF 2500B module and SDR-PM 402 processor module, and output/display as shown below. A reflective metal plate was mounted on an adjustable precise positioning table. The distance between the radar and the metal plate is 0.828 m. After precisely adjusting the position of the metal plate by 1 mm stepping, the range reading showing in the GUI did reflect the 1 mm steps.  The test verified that with a 250 MHz signal bandwidth, the 0.6 m range resolution/precision can be improved to more than 1,000 times and a precision of <1.0 mm can be achieved.

level gauge 2

level gauge 3