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The Graphical User Interface (SDR-GUI) is included with every purchase of a SDR Evaluation Kit.

SDR-GUI gives users access to selecting various options on signal waveforms, operating parameters, filtering types, and data recording. It is capable of showing graphical representation of signals in time domain, frequency domain, combined time and frequency domain in real time.

We also offer a MATLAB version for academic research groups upon request.  This version has the same features as our regular SDR-GUI version.  With the SDR System Evaluation Kits, the MATLAB GUI version allows users to modify MATLAB source codes to implement users developed signal processing and analysis tools.  To request a copy of our MATLAB GUI, please  click here to fill out the web form on our “Contact” page. 


  • Control panel and graphic panel
  • Digital camera ready
  • Activate SDR hardware device
  • Activate Surveillance Camera
  • Selection of operation mode
  • Selection of signal waveform
  • Selection of signal parameters
  • Selection of display mode
  • Selection of stream filtering
  • Selection of display dynamic range
  • Selection of display update rate
  • Camera control
  • Export data