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SDR-KIT 580AD2 includes an advanced dual receiving-channel SDR-RF 580AD2 module and an SDR-PM 404 module.  The SDR-KIT 580AD2 includes an advanced RF module, which has one transmitter and two receivers, and a PM module with four ADC channels.

The advanced RF module is implemented with Fractional-N Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) to achieve linearity of frequency modulation, enhance the performance of target detection, and improve range resolution.

Dual receiving channel is for applications of angle of arrival (AoA), dual receive antenna (DRA) radar mode, clutter cancellation by displaced phase center antenna (DPCA), and radar interferometry.

The SDR Evaluation Kit includes:

  • One SDR-RF 580AD2 module
  • One SDR-PM 404 processor module
  • One copy of SDR-GUI graphical user interface software with selection of two receiving channels
  • One AC/DC power adapter (5V, 3.0A)
  • One mini USB retractable cable
  • One pair of RF cables
  • One transmitting and two receiving antennas
  • One casing/enclosing

The SDR-PM 404 processor module is compatible with this SDR-RF 580AD2 module. The graphic user interface software SDR-GUI is for activating this RF module, selecting operation parameters, and collecting data.