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SDR-KIT 980B offers the ability to integrate X-band software-defined transmitter-receiver systems with the processor module for various applications.

The SDR DevelopmentĀ Kit includes:

  • One SDR-RF 980B module
  • One SDR-PM 402 processor module
  • One copy of SDR-GUI graphical user interface software
  • One AC/DC power adapter (5V, 3.0A)
  • One mini USB retractable cable
  • One pair of RF cables
  • One pair of the transmitting and receiving antennas
  • One casing/enclosing

The SDR-PM 402 processor module is compatible with this SDR-RF 980B module. The graphic user interface software SDR-GUI is for activating this RF module, selecting operation parameters, and collecting data.

Kit - Small Antenna