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The FPGA-based micro controller/processor SDR-PM 402 module presents a robust hardware design platform built around the FPGA of Altera Cyclone IV, which is optimized for the lowest power requirement for transmitter-receiver applications yet offers ultimate design flexibility with industry-leading programmable logic. SDR-PM 402 is designed specifically for the Software-Defined system with a protocol.  By integrating this processor module to a transmitter-receiver system, you can control power and performance of your software-define systems.  SDR-PM 404 has four 40 MSPS ADC channels, which is designed for dual receiving channel SDR-RF modules, such as SDR-RF 2400AD2.

This platform includes one channel of 10 ns high speed D/A converter and two channels of 40 MSPS high speed A/D converters, which allow you to generate desired VCO tune waveforms on demand and get the digitalized Intermediate frequency (IF) signal data immediately. The on-board JTAG port provides a tool to program the FPGA chip.  A CY7C68013A USB Peripheral Controller is set to high speed mode, which allows you to transfer preprocessed data to your PC at the speed of 480Mb/s.

This board has been pre-programmed with HDL code. A VCO nonlinearity correction function embedded on the board can automatically correct the VCO nonlinearity as long as a SDR-RF module has been connected to the board using a FFC cable and a PC is connected by a USB cable.


  • High performance FPGA chip
  • High speed USB2.0 controller
  • One 10 ns DAC channel
  • Two 40 MSPS ADC channels (SDR-PM 402)
  • Four 40 MSPS ADC channels (SDR-PM 404)
  • On board JTAG programming
  • 2 GB on board DDR2 memories
  • 12 all-purpose I/O to daughter board
  • Embedded VCO nonlinearity correction algorithm
  • Single +5V DC supply voltage
  • On board power management
  • +1.8V and +3.3V output
  • SDR microcontroller
  • General purpose controller
  • Standalone processing system




SDR-PM 402 Module Specifications            

PM 402 Module Specification

Description of SDR-PM 402 FFC Connector Pins

PM-402 FFC Connector Pins Description




SDR-PM 404 Module Specifications            

PM 402 Module Specification

Description of SDR-PM 404 FFC Connector Pins