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SDR-RF 2500B module is a low power and high performance RF transmitter-receiver solution designed for operation in K-band centered at 25GHz. It is intended to interface with the processor module SDR-PM 402, which functions as a micro controller, processor and power management with a 24-pin flat flex cable (FFC) to form a standalone system.

Typical output power of the transmitter channel is 16dBm. Single-ended SMA female connectors are installed for easy connection to antennas.

The receiver has an overall 6.4dB noise figure with one stage of low-noise amplifier and exceptionally linear response with a flat gain of 28dB.

The ability of wide-range frequency-tuning makes this RF module ideal for applications from unlicensed ISM band to high-resolution wide-band.


  • Coverage of the K-band frequency centered at 25GHz
  • FMCW/FSK/CW waveforms
  • Wide bandwidth up to 2GHz
  • High conversion gain in the receiver channel
  • Low overall noise figure
  • Moderate output power
  • Low phase noise
  • Single +5V DC supply voltage
  • Low power consumption
  • SMA connectors for antennas
  • 24-pin FFC cable for connecting to our processor module
  • Suppression of cooling fan interference
  • On-board automatic correction of VCO nonlinearity
  • RF Shielding



RF-transceiver (2)


Specification of SDR-RF 2500B Module

Parameter Min. Type Max Units
Frequency Range 24  26 GHz
Expandable Frequency Range  23  26 GHz
Tune Voltage  0  5  V
Tuning Sensitivity @RF Port  1.5  GHz/V
Power Output  14  16  18 dBm
SSB Phase Noise @1MHz offset -100 dBc
Conversion Gain Over Rx Channel  18  26  31 dB
Noise Figure  6.4 dB
Maximum input power  0 dBm
OIP3  32 dBm
IIP3 -4 dBm
IIP1dB -12 dBm
Supply voltage 4.75  5 5.25 V
Supply current 750  800 850 mA
Operating temperature -40 85 Co
Storage temperature -65 150 Co
Dimensions L=79  W=56   H=13 mm



Description of FFC Connector Pins

Pin Name Direction Description Pin Name Direction Description
1 GND comm Ground 13 I/007 in/out Spare
2 3.3V in 3.3V 14 I/008 in/out Spare
3 1.8V in 1.8V 15 I/009 in/out Spare
4 GND comm Ground 16 I/010 in/out Spare
5 Vcc in +5V 17 I/011 in/out Spare
6 GND comm Ground 18 I/012 in/out Spare
7 I/001 in/out Spare 19 Vtune in Vtune for VCO
8 I/002 in/out 12C_SCL 20 IF_I out IF in phase
9 I/003 in/out Spare 21 IF_Q out IF quadratic
10 I/004 in/out 12C_SDA 22 GND comm Ground
11 I/005 in/out Spare 23 Vcc in +5V
12 I/006 in/out Spare 24 Vcc in +5V