Webinar series: Through-wall Sensing with Ancortek’s SDRs

Webinar series: Through-wall Sensing with Ancortek’s SDRs

09 Feb 2017

Getting excited! We invite you to join in attendance of our new webinar series, “Real-World Applications with Ancortek’s Software Defined Radars”. Our SDR kits can be used for numerous purposes across different industries and trades. We’re putting the spotlight on some of the great things our own engineers and customers have come up with using our products; this is a great chance for YOU to learn the latest in SDR!
The first webinar in our series will be centered on through-wall sensing, a topic that has recently drawn the most interest from our users. We’ll cover the basic theory, provide a live demonstration, and answer any questions drawn in from attendees. We hope you can make it!

Topic: Real-World Applications with Ancortek SDRs

Topic: Through-Wall Sensing
Time:  10:00 AM EST
Date:  Wed, Feb 22, 2017

In this webinar, you will learn:

An Overview of Ancortek’s SDR-Kits
The Theory and Operation of Through-Wall Sensing
A Live Demonstration
Q&A Session for Attendees