S-band SDR-KIT 580, X-band SDR-KIT 980 and K-band SDR-KIT 2400 have been used in tracking small UAVs. Two receive-channel SDR-KITs can further be used as interferometric radars to track range, Doppler, and azimuth angle of small UAVs.

Detection, localization and tracking of unauthorized UAVs is a hot research topic. North Carolina State University, Boise State University and University of South Carolina jointly published their review paper on this topic (see Reference 1). This review paper indicates “The SDRs produced by Ancortek Incare smart alternatives for building mmWave radar to detect and track small-size drones. In particular,2400AD2 SDR kitoperates at the 24-26 GHz band outshines the others with its dual receiver channels enabling interferometry-based micro-Doppler measurements”.

Since the RCS of asmall UAV body is small (about 0.01sm) and itsplastic blade is even smaller than 0.001sm. Thus, the distance of a small UAV that can be detected is shorter than 20-30 meter. For longer distance tracking, the transmitter must be customized and the power must be increased.

We usedC-band SDR-KIT 580AD2 with two receive-channel phase-interferometric radar to track small UAV as illustrated in Figure 1 (see Reference 2).

Figure 1 SDR-KIT 580AD2 for tracking of small UAVs. A range trajectory is shown during 30 second time duration. Arange-angle trajectory is shown in the range and cross-range map. The green spot is the starting point and the green spot is the red spot.

Reference 1: I. Guvenc, O. Ozdemir, Y. Yapici, H. Mehrpouyan, and D.Matolak, “Detection, Localization, and Tracking of Unauthorized UAS and Jammers,” 2017 IEEE/AIAA 36th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), St. Petersburg, FL, USA.

Reference 2: M. Jian, Z. Lu, and V. C. Chen, “Drone Detection and Tracking Based on Phase-Interferometric Doppler Radar,” Proceedings of 2018 IEEE Radar Conference.

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