One of the challenges for railway safety is in the complex railyard environments. Railyard workers in a noisy environment are often surrounded by dangerous moving objects and can easily result in accidents or casualties. Thus, monitoring the railyard workspace to keep personnel safe is particularly challenging.

Dr. Hamid Sharif and his research team in the University of Nebraska-Lincolnused Ancortek SDR-KIT580AD to improve railyard safety. They used visual images to monitor a wide areaand used Ancortek SDR-KIT 580AD to address the low-visibility problem within100 m workspace. They successfully maintained real-time processing withless than0.1 s consecutive frame time.

As shown in the Figure below, the radar sensormonitorsa workspace bydetecting and trackingmultiple objects with different size and at different range bins.Resultshows itis possible to determine the separations between large metallic objects (vehicle) and the railroad personnel (pedestrian).

Reference: S. Banerjee, J. Santos, M, Hempel, P. Ghasemzadeh and H. Sharif, “A Novel Method of Near-Miss Event Detection with Software Defined RADAR in Improving Railyard Safety,” Safety 2019, 5(3), 55 (


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