Ancortek is dedicated to providing customized production-ready software defined system development tools and designs. Our design and solutions of current RF modules, processor modules and system applications help us to make customized products in shorter time, with improved quality and less costs.



Our experiences in designing, testing and fabricating light-weight and low-power RF transmitter/receiver, micro controller, FPGA/DSP processor assure customized solutions tailored to your requirements.  Our services include specified software defined system development kits and educational kits, RF modules, FPGA/DSP/ARM microcontrollers and processors, customized graphic user interface software, and other application-oriented projects.


Design, Test & Fabricate Customized RF Modules

Customized light-weight RF modules cover operating frequencies up to K-band with bandwidth expandable to 4 GHz. WiFi technology is also available to allow networking.


Design, Test & Fabricate Customized Processor Modules

Customized light-weight processor modules include FPGA and DSP processors with GPS and Bluetooth technology.


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