Frequently Asked Questions


I want to purchase a kit for teaching. Which model is most suitable for teaching?


All our models are suitable for teaching. Please contact us for more details of your needs and we can assist you on helping you choose a kit that fits your needs.


What is the warranty policy of the product?


We stand behind all of our high-quality products. We provide 1 year warranty for repair and exchange for new one.


Can you give me recommendation on which model fits my application/research need?


Please refer to this article:


Do you have distributors outside of America? How to order Ancortek products? 


We currently don’t have distributors outside of America except China. For all countries not covered by our distributors please email us at


Is it possible to do real time processing of the raw data?

Yes. The process of our GUI follows the sequence below:

Take a certain number of sweeps of data;
Process the data and display;


What is the difference between AD product line and B product line?


The difference between AD and B lineup is that we implemented phase-locked loop (PLL) in the AD lineup, which provides a better sweep linearity. Each kit purchased includes the antennas with RF cables, power adapter, USB cable, window’s GUI and Matlab GUI, everything you need to start collecting data.


Can you send me your sample Matlab codes?


You will have access to the Matlab source code or USB driver control files after purchase. You can modify the Matlab source code for your application.


Can we purchase front end and back end separately?


We do not sell RF front end separately, because you wouldn’t be able to control the RF board with our PM module.