Ancortek has launched2-transmitter/4-receiver software-defined radar kits,the SDR-KIT 2400T2R4 and SDR-KIT 7700T2R4. As known, with multi-channel transmitter and receiver,radar can be served as a MIMO radar.


In SDR-KIT 2400T2R4 and 7700T2R4, the transmittedsignals are designed in a manner of the time division multiplexingtosupport MIMO capability.With 2transmit elements and 4 receive elements andthrough 8 distinct propagation channels,an8-element virtual receiving antenna arraycan be formed.

A virtually formed receiving antenna array can be designed to produce a desired pattern by arranging the placements of the transmit elements and receive elements in an appropriate way. A simple example of the MIMO virtual array is a single transmit phase center with a 1-D 8-element virtual receive arrayas illustrated in Figure 1(c).By arranging the placements of the transmit and receive elements in a different way, a 2-D aperture virtual array can also be formed.

Figure 1 – Ancortek newly released (a) K-band and (b) W-band two-channel transmitter and four-channel receiver radar kit SDR-KITs; (c) A MIMO virtual 1-D array with 8 elements.


Figure 2(a) shows two corner reflectors placed at 2-meter away from a radar.The separation angle of the two corner reflectors is 20-degree.  The range-angle map in Figure 2(b) shows when the radar is not being used as a MIMO radar, the two reflectors become one large unresolvable hot spot on the map. When a MIMO radar is used, the two reflectors become two resolvable hot spots on the map as shown in Figure 2(c).



Figure 2 – (a) Two corner reflectors at 2-meter away from the radar and separated by 20-degree azimuth-angle; (b) The range-angle map without using MIMO; and (c) The range-angle map with MIMO.



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