Ancortek Software-Define Radar kits and embedded units offer customers the abilities to integrate various software-defined systems for range (distance) and velocity (Doppler frequency) measuring and tracking, sensing of movements and micro motions, as well as microwave imaging.

The advantages of the system include:

  • Highly integrated with low power consumption, compact size, and light weight
  • Operations in all weather and bad lighting conditions;
  • Non-contact sensing
  • Ground and wall penetrating capabilities
  • Coherent sensing of multi-parameters (detection, distance, speed, angle)
  • Generating multiple types of waveforms and performing functions of signal processing
  • System firmware is changeable based on the scenario and environment (switching between different operation modes by selection of both transmitted waveforms and received signal processing function)




Software-defined systems, such as software-defined radio, communication systems, and radar systems, utilize software protocols to substitute hardware components, minimize the use of dedicated hardware, and implement/manage the transmitting and receiving functionality.


The software-defined architecture offers a great deal on system compactness and flexibility. Without modifying hardware, the software-defined system can be adopted in different scenarios and, thus, suitable for multipurpose applications. It can change its operating modes, waveforms, bandwidths, as well as processing functions.


Our software-defined system provides a reusable platform utilizing an RF-module and FPGA processor module architecture to improve system performance and reduce the size of hardware system.



Software-defined system relies on software processor. Thus, the computing power is the core of the system.  The FPGA and/or DSP must be used in the system and the interfaces between the digital processor module and analog signal module become critical.



Benefits of systems built with Ancortek SDR-RF Modules and SDR Processor Modules include:

  • Tunable RF front-end
  • Expandable waveform bandwidth
  • Real-time processing with FPGA/DSP
  • Potential for information driven to control the selection of the operating mode
  • The programmability and re-configurability make the system easier to change and to select its operating mode



Possible applications of the ANCORTEK SDR Evaluation units include:

1. Industry Automation:
  • Object tracking
  • Obstacle detection
  • Non-contact industrial measurements and in harsh environments
  • High-resolution level gauge
  • 3D level gauge
  • Flow metering


2. Medical Monitoring And Diagnosis:
  • Remote bio-signal detection for health care (heart rate, breath rate)
  • Elderly/infant assistance and monitoring for fall detection, or sudden infant death syndrome
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Pulse monitoring
  • Heartbeat & respiration monitoring/diagnosis
  • 3D microwave imaging
  • Breast cancer diagnosis


3. Safety And Security:
  • Environmental monitoring (sensing)
  • Monitoring of the safety of transportation systems in automotive, railway, and ships.
  • Distributed surveillance systems in airports, banks, or schools
  • Motion detection
  • Through wall penetrating vision
  • Ground penetrating vision for detecting pipes or electric lines
  • Civil Protection: Detection of buried people in earthquakes, under snow, or other natural disasters
  • Body scanner for security
  • Stud/wire detection