SDR-EMB 2400AD2 is an advanced low-power and compact software-defined one-channel transmitter and two-channel receiver embedded radar unit in K-band. It is designed to support interferometric radar and direction of arrival (DOA) measurement. It is suitable for human activity monitoring, occupancy sensing, gesture sensing, and many other indoor and outdoor monitoring.

Embedded unit features include:

  • Embedded Linux OS
  • Custom-designed battery management system – up to 4 hours on a single charge
  • 7-inch touch-screen display
  • Remotely controllable– suitable for field trials

Typical output power of the transmitter is 18 dBm. Three single-ended SMA female connectors are installed for easy connection to external antenna units.


Detailed Information

RF Module

The RF module is implemented with phase-locked loop (PLL) to achieve linearity in frequency modulations. The center frequency and the bandwidth of transmitted signals are selectable and adjustable within a wide frequency band of 24-26 GHz. 


Processor Module

The FPGA-based processor module functions as a microcontroller, processor and power management unit and offers ultimate design flexibility with industry-leading programmable logic. It has four 40-MSPS ADCs to support the two receiving channels. A high-speed USB peripheral controller enables digitized raw data streaming to a memory storage for post-processing. It interfaces with the RF module with a 24-pin flat flex cable (FFC) to form a standalone system.


Graphical User Interface

Built-in 7-inch touch-screen display with graphical user interface (GUI) allows the flexibility and adjustability in selecting desired signal waveform, center frequency, bandwidth, sampling rate, filtering, display parameters, and record/export I/Q data.


Unit Includes

The SDR Embedded unit includes:

  • One SDR-RF 2400AD2 module
  • One processor module
  • Embedded Linux OS
  • One copy of SDR-GUI graphical user interface software with selection of two receiving channels
  • One on-board battery pack
  • Built-in 7-inch touch-screen display
  • One AC/DC power adapter (5V, 3.0A)
  • One mini USB retractable cable
  • One pair of RF cables
  • One transmitting and two receiving antennas
  • One casing/enclosing


Horn Antenna