SDR-KIT 7700T2R4 is a low-power and compact software-defined radar with two transmit channels and four receive channels. Its frequency coverage is 76-81 GHz with 4 GHz bandwidth. The SDR-KIT 7700T2R4 is designed to support applications in direction of arrival (DOA) measurement, radar interferometry, digital beamforming and MIMO phased-array radar. It is suitable for human activity monitoring, occupancy sensing, gesture sensing, and tracking of 3-D trajectory.


  • TI AWR/IWR 1642
  • USB raw I&Q streaming
  • Two-channel transmitter
  • SD card storage for post-processing
  • Four-channel receiver
  • Single +5V DC supply voltage


Detailed Information

RF Module

The RF module uses the TI AWR 1642, which was originally developed as an integrated single-chip FMCW for the automotive market. It includes two frequency bandwidths. As a result, SDR-KIT 7700T2R4 fully supports “.cfg” files generated by Radar Studio from TI for chirp parameter configuration. API in Matlab is available for raw I and Q ADC sample streaming via USB for real-time signal processing. Raw I and Q samples can also be saved in an SD card for post-processing..